Robert & Mandy France - soundtracks for your life
Robert & Mandy are a variety pop duo. Years of performing together for many different audiences has helped them  develop an intuitive sense for what each  performance should contain. They cover both classic and modern pop, current hits from many of the "new country"  artists,  danceable rock and disco, smooth jazz and even Broadway.

From Sunday Brunch to Saturday night dance/disco/rock and roll party,  they do it all!

In addition, for corporate events,
country clubs and themed private events
they are often asked to perform as:

A tropical
Jimmy Buffett
style ensemble

Then & Now
"New  and Classic Country"
The Duets of Country
Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, Sugarland,
Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley,
Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarston,
Thompson Square, Lady Antebellum, etc
The Duets of Pop
Rod  & Tina, Dollie and Kenny,
Celine and Frank, Diana and Lionel, etc.

Neil Diamond and The 60's
Bobby Vee, Jay & the Americans,
Connie Francis, Eta James, etc.


Footloose Dance Party
70's & 80"s

The act usually performs as a duo but can also be presented  with percussion, horns, drums and bass.


Feel free to call or email for prices,
availability and more information at:
352 470-6542

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